Roichen Premium High Casserole 26cm (8L)

Color: Orange 

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Roichen Premium High Casserole 26cm (8L)
Brand: Roichen
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Product details: Roichen Premium High Casserole 26cm (8L) 

Cook meals for your family in the amazing Roichen Premium cookware range. It is an environmentally friendly range, driving its benefits from nature to enable healthier cooking. These non-stick Premium Casseroles are non-stick, which means lesser oil can be used while cooking! Leaner, more nutritious meals can be prepared in the comfort of your own home.

Traditionally GOOD features

This Roichen Premium Casserole cookware is an excellent conductor on heat. It is 5 times better than iron and 14 times better than stainless steel. This product distributes heat uniformly heat so your food will be cooked wholly without missing any raw parts, with less cooking time and less energy required.



Tips for Care & Use

- Before first use and to prolong the lifespan of the non-stick stone coating, firstly pour some cooking oil on the cooking surface then gently wash.

- Wash right after cooking salty food so as not to cause ceramic coating damage.

- Never leave an empty Roichen pot/pan on a hot burner. This will cause the non-stick ceramic coating to weaken and become sticky.

- Never use metal utensils on any non-stick surface. Plastic, rubber or wooden utensils are recommended to prolong the life of the Roichen pot/pan.

- Do NOT cut food while it is in the Roichen pot/pan.

- Allow the Roichen pot/pan to cool down and then clean it thoroughly after each use.

- Do NOT use steel wool or nylon scrubbing pads. For best results, clean with a soft cloth or sponge.

- Always nest your non- stick Roichen pots and pans carefully, and do not allow other metal pan covers with thin sharp edges to sit inside your pans.

- Slight surface marks and discolourations developed over time are normal and will not affect the performance. 

- Suitable for cooktop: Electric, Ceramic, Halogen and Gas. 

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