Roichen Grill Pan 26cm (1.5L)

Color: Orange. <Glass lid included> 

Free Gift: Silicone Grip 

Roichen Grill Pan 26cm (1.5L)
Roichen Grill Pan 26cm (1.5L)
Brand: Roichen
Product Code: SMG-26G/O
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Product details: Roichen Grill Pan 26cm (1.5L) 

Item No.: RDD-26PG

Capacity: 1.5L

Size: Ø260×40mm

Coating: Diamond coating

Material: Aluminium, Bakelite 



Tips for Care & Use

- Before first use and to prolong the lifespan of the non-stick stone coating, firstly pour some cooking oil on the cooking surface then gently wash.

- Wash right after cooking salty food so as not to cause ceramic coating damage.

- Never leave an empty Roichen pot/pan on a hot burner. This will cause the non-stick ceramic coating to weaken and become sticky.

- Never use metal utensils on any non-stick surface. Plastic, rubber or wooden utensils are recommended to prolong the life of the Roichen pot/pan.

- Do NOT cut food while it is in the Roichen pot/pan.

- Allow the Roichen pot/pan to cool down and then clean it thoroughly after each use.

- Do NOT use steel wool or nylon scrubbing pads. For best results, clean with a soft cloth or sponge.

- Always nest your non- stick Roichen pots and pans carefully, and do not allow other metal pan covers with thin sharp edges to sit inside your pans.

- Slight surface marks and discolourations developed over time are normal and will not affect the performance. 

- Suitable for cooktop: Electric, Ceramic, Halogen and Gas. 

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