Freshield Storage Guide


Storage guide Standard Room temp Fridge 3-5c Freezer
Bag Canister Bag Canister Bag Canister
Apple 5-10 days     2-3wk 2-3wk    
Bananas 4-7 dyas     2-3wk 2-3wk    
Beans 5-10 days     3-4wk 3-4wk    
Beef 1-2 weeks     4-6wk 2-5wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Biscuits 1-2 weeks 1-2mth 1-2mth        
Bread 3-5 days   1-2wk        
Carrots 1-2 weeks     4-6wk 4-6wk 1yrs 1yrs
Cheese hard 2-3 weeks     2-3mth 2-3mth    
Cheese soft 1-2 weeks       3-6mth    
Chips. CC's 2-3 days   4-6wk        
Coffee 4-6 weeks 6-12mth 10-12mth     1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Crab 1-2 days     4-6 day 4-6 day 3-6mth 3-6mth
Fish 2-4 days     6-8 day 6-8 day 12mth 12mth
Flour 3-4 months 1-2yrs 1-2yrs        
Lamb 1-2 weeks     4-6 wk 4-6 wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Nuts 4-6 weeks 6-12mth 6-12mth        
Pasta fresh 4-7 days     2-3wk 2-3wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Pork 1-2 weeks     4-6wk 4-6wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Potatoes - cut 1-2 weeks     4-6wk 4-6wk    
Poultry 2-4 days     1-2wk 1-2wk 8-12mth 8-12mth
Pumpkin 4-6 days     2-3mth 2-3mth    
Rice cooked 4-6 days     6-8wk 6-8wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Sausages - raw 3-5 days     3-4wk 3-4wk 1-2yrss 1-2yrs
strawberries 3-4 days       2-3wk    
Salad 3-4 days       2-3wk    
Soups 5-7 days       3-4wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Stews 5-7 days       3-4wk 1-2yrs 1-2yrs
Tomatoes 1-2 weeks       4-6wk    
water melon 2-3 days       2-3wk    
Zucchini 4-6 days     3-4wk      
Note:  This is a guide only and does not replace common sense.  For best results  a fridge must be maintained between 3-5 celcius. Many factors effect storage times including freshness of food, contaminates sealed with food,  storage temperature and humidity, variations in species and food quality. Freshield is not responsible for differing results.