Why Every Restaurant and Cafe Needs a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Every restaurant and café owner knows the importance of implementing the best industry practices to deliver the highest quality food at a healthy margin. A chamber vacuum sealer is an investment that pays healthy dividends if you invest in the right machine.


The advantages of vacuum sealing for commercial kitchens are well known: 

·         Hygienic storage – vacuum sealing provides a safe, protected means for storing food and avoiding contamination. 

·         Bulk buying and preparation - food can be prepared in large quantities and stored without loss of moisture, flavor or texture.

·         The nutritional value of the food is retained. Food can be stored in serving sized portions. 

·         Minimising spoilage – leftover food can be stored for future use and not be lost to spoilage e.g. avoid freezer burn with meat. 

·         Save ingredients – vacuum sealing is an effective means for storing ingredients. 

·         Save refrigeration space – using bags for compact stacking. 

·         Consistent food quality – the sealing process ensures food is stored in a managed environment without exposure to oxidization. 


Vacuum sealing delivers benefits both in terms of food quality and minimising costs. Using a chamber vacuum sealer delivers an additional benefit in terms of food quality, over the traditional “suction” machine. With a suction vacuum sealing machine, air is vacuumed out of the vacuum bag and then the bag is sealed. However, along with air, liquids are also vacuumed out of the bag, leading to partial or even failed seals. When sealing with a chamber machine (such as the VacMaster), the pouch is placed inside the chamber of the machine and the lid is closed. Air is removed from the entire chamber, not just the pouch itself, allowing the air pressure on both the inside and outside to remain equal and keeping liquids inside. Finally, the pouch is fully sealed and air is returned to the chamber.


A commercial chamber vacuum sealer is an investment that provides significant cost savings whilst ensuring the preparation and storage of food retains its moisture, flavor, nutritional value, and texture. The shelf-life of food is extended up to five time longer minimising spoilage and allowing bulk-buying of produce and ingredients.


The world renown brand of commercial chamber vacuum sealers, VacMaster, are specially manufactured with 240 volt Australian electrical compliance for distribution and 12 month warranty through Freshield. For more information please visit www.vacmaster.com.au .