Canvac - (Electric Pump)

Canvac - (Electric Pump)
Canvac - (Electric Pump)
Brand: Freshield
Product Code: FR-1007
Availability: In Stock
Price: $80.00 $49.00

The Canvac is an automatic hand pump used to vacuum Genysis canisters, Greenzone canisters and Wizvac Plus bags.

This electrically operated pump works by extracting the air from the canisters. Simply place over the canister valve and press the start button. When the air is fully extracted the green light will blink and automatically stop the vacuum process.

The Canvac is small and lightweight making it an ideal accessory to accompany all your holiday, caravanning, boating, fishing and 4 wheel driving equipment. 

Package included: 

Canvac (Electic Hand Pump) x1 

AC 240v Power supply x1 

DC 12v Cigarette adapter power cable x1 


Note: Not rechargable, unit must be connected to power while using. 


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