Cheflock 4P Set A

Cheflock 4P Set A
Brand: iCornerStone Windax
Product Code: WD22-CH4PA
Availability: In Stock
Price: $50.00


Product Specification
Size: 400*210*120mm (BOX)
Material: ABS, AS
Construction: 1752ml, 2614ml


Product Features
  The newly designed button on the lid produces a slight vacuum on closing and guarantees that the contents stay absolutely airtight.
  The contents are clearly visible, you can keep your eye on everything and know what is left and how much.
  Superior seals prevent leaks and spills.
  Flexible lids confirm tightly to the container and are easy to open and close using the pull-up button on the lid.
  100% Air tight seal keeps in smell, humidity and food nutriments stay in longer.
  High grade material means smells and spices wash out of container easily.
  Contains non-toxic materials.
  Complies with all FDA and HS recommendations.
  Offering various sizes and packing.
  Safe to use in fridge or freezer
  Safe to use in Microwave (Open the button on the lid while microwaving).
  Safe to use in Dishwasher.


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