Simple Steps To Sous Vide

Remove uncertainty from the kitchen and make preparing food as easy as pressing a button with sous vide! For easy meals that melt in your mouth, all you need to do is follow these simple steps for sous vide cooking!


Prep Sous Vide

First step, prep your food! Whether applying a meat rub or garnishing and spicing some food, you can eliminate the messiness of cooking with our Prep Technology. Use the Prep Plate, which makes prepping and then bagging items a breeze. Or if soups or sauces are more your style, our Multi Ring Bag Stand and Pouch Stand make it easier for you to fill bags with liquid without spilling.

Any time the area of the bag that is going to be sealed gets liquid or particles of food on it, it is unlikely to seal correctly, which means your food won’t be protected. These accessories and prepping strategies can help you prevent that from happening. If the bag does get some crumbs or drops on the seal area, carefully wipe it clean with a damp cloth and dry it completely.

Enjoy a secure seal every time with our Prep Team products, which allow you to easily prep and bag your food portions. Free up your hands and let our accessories work harder so you don’t have to. No Hassle. No Problem.




Second step, package it! Our VP112EUVP215EU or VP540EU chamber vacuum sealers are incredibly user-friendly and perfect for sous vide cooking, as they can package liquids and liquid-rich food.

To vacuum package, place the pouch in the chamber and position the open end of the pouch over the seal bar, leaving plenty of space between the product in the bag and the sealing area. Set the vacuum time and start the process. The chamber vacuum sealer will then remove the air inside the chamber and the pouch at the same time. Once the vacuum time has expired the machine will automatically seal the pouch. Open the lid and voila! Your food is vacuum packaged!

Always make sure you get a strong vacuum and seal on the food before cooking sous vide.  If air is left in the bag, it will float to the top of the water and will not be evenly cooked; the juices of the food will evaporate and you lose some of its taste and nutritional benefits.  But with vacuum packaging, you get all of the flavor, with none of the fuss.




Next step, cook the food! To start cooking sous vide, clamp the SV1EU Immersion Circulator to one side of a large pot or our Water Tank. Fill the tank with water, not exceeding the maximum water level on the SV1EU or under filling.  Find the correct time and temperature to cook your food and program it into the machine.

Once it has finished heating the water to that temperature, the alarm will beep. All you have to do is to grab one of the pouches of food that you have already prepped and packaged, then drop it into the water. Hit the Start button again, wait for the alarm to sound when the time runs out and you will have a perfectly cooked meal.

Most people finish the food, especially if it is a meat, by quickly searing it in order to get that charred, smoky flavor. If you choose that route, be sure that your pan is very hot before starting to sear, so that you get that great grilled look and lock in the meat’s juices. If you are strapped for time, you can eat it right out of the water, without doing anything more to the food. Either way it will be delicious, tender, and perfectly cooked. Let sous vide make your life easier, healthier, and tastier!




Aromatics like carrots, onions, celery and bell peppers do not flavor dishes as they would in traditional cooking methods due to the low cooking temperatures. Higher temperatures are needed for vegetables and should be cooked separately.

Raw garlic cooked under sous vide creates unpleasant tastes and smells. This can be avoided by substituting powdered garlic.

If cooking for more than two hours, do not use extra virgin olive oil as this oil cooked under sous vide creates a blood taste. Use other processed oils for anything longer than two hours.

Before using wine to marinade food, it is recommended that you first cook off the alcohol of the wine before cooking sous vide. The alcohol can vaporize within a vacuum sealed bag causing the meat to cook unevenly.


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