Genisys canisters

Genisys canisters kept in good condition will last for many many years. 
We have listed some user guides and common issue below and how to resolve them. 

The canister can be used in the fridge, Microwave (a silicon button and inner cap off from the lid), dishwasher, and freezer safe.

It will hardly crack or damages by those uses but the canister can be cracked by over-pumping over the period of time.

Remember try to less pump than what you normally do… when you feel the pump handle gets a bit tight, you may stop pumping.

For instant:

0.5L – 2 pumps,

0.8L – 3 pumps,

1.2L – less than 5 pumps,

2.0L – less than 7 pumps,

3.0L & 4.5L – 10 pumps and depends on the volume of contents store in the canister. 

*Do Not vacuum seal the hot or warm food, hot or warm food must be cool down to room temperature before close the lid or put into the Fridge or freezer. 


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