Why Freshield??

·         AC 100-240v /DC 12v multi voltage units

·         Removable silicon drip tray

·         Partial and full vacuum sealing ability

·         Modern engineering means ultra low power consumption

·         Stop wasting and throwing away expensive food

·         Save money by bulk buying meats and groceries

·         Keep leftovers as delicious as the day they were prepared

·         Prepare meals in weekend and store for easy weeknight reheating

·         Store meats in serving sized portions for simple portion control

·         Marinate meats in minutes instead of hours

·         Avoid hardened foods caused by dehydration

·         Avoid air which oxidizes food, spoils flavours and omit odors

·         Avoid freezer burn especially with meats

·         Increase the shelf life of your pantry items

·         Stop food from spoiling, becoming bland and losing its flavour

·         Reduce oxidization which affects nutritional value, flavour

·         Remove harmful bacteria and prevent new germs from developing

·         Reseal chips, biscuits, nuts and confectionery in their original bags

·         Prepare cooked meals and save on preparation time

·         Save space in pantry, fridge and freezer by compact stacking

·         Our Wizvac bags are BPA free

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