About Us

The Company
Freshield has been developing and manufacturing food vacuum sealers for over 10 years and are proud to be Australia's only nationwide vacuum sealing company. We focus heavily on research and product development and continue to revise each model whilst bringing new concepts and ideas to market.

The combination of these two areas allows us to be at the forefront of innovation and design.

Freshield is a customer driven provider of world class food vacuum sealing and storage products for the camping, caravan, kitchen and commercial markets. We supply professionals and home users a range of food vacuum sealers, vacuum canisters, chamber vacuum sealers, consumables and parts to make long life fresh food storage a lot easier.

Freshield is part of a worldwide brand covering 70 countries. Our designs, concepts are German and our state of the art production facilities in South Korea are wholly owned and operated by Freshield. 


·       1988 CSE Korea starts manufacturing pumps and boilers

·       1993 relocates to bigger premises in Shiwha complex, Korea

·       1995 Introduces coffee pumps and vending machines.  Also receives commendation for research & Technology from Ministry of Trade

·       1996 Water purification and hydroponics pumps added. ISO-9001 certification

·       1997 Awarded by State and Federal awards for excellence and potential

·       2000 Obtained CE certification

·       2002 Obtained ISO-9001 updated certification and a dedicated research and development centre started

·       2003 Food vacuum sealing line starts and company moves to bigger premises in Ansan City

·       2004 Obtains UL & NSF certification, awarded order of Industrial merit by Korean Government and obtains ISO-14001.

        Vacuum sealing line further developed with Genius GmbH of Germany.  Expansion into Australasia, US and Europe.

·       2006 Awarded venture company and INNO-BIZ, association with Delonghi of Italy begins. 

Corporate and Social Responsibility

As a company Freshield is dedicated to being responsible in all areas of operation. Our machines are designed to be fully replaceable in parts, reducing land fill, waste and keeping costs for our consumers low. Our manufacturing plant has full environmental impact audits done and complies with ISO 14001.

Our office closely monitors any environmental impact, human rights, labour conditions and corruption.  We take our responsibility of investing in people seriously and contribute substantial funding and donations worldwide every year, in particular Burma and Latin America. If you would like to know more about our corporate donations please contact us via email.