Uses & FAQ

Q: What is the difference between an external sealer and a chamber sealer?

A: Domestic sealers use vacuum bags on the outside of the machine. Food is placed in the bag and the open end is inserted into the machine where the air is then removed and the bag is sealed shut. Home Use Sealer & Outdoor Use Sealer

Chamber vacuum sealers work in a different way. Chamber sealers require the food and the bag to be placed inside the machine. The air within the chamber is then removed, the bag is sealed and the air is returned back to normal. Chamber Sealers & Bags

Q: How much longer can vacuum sealed food last over non-vacuum sealed food?

A: It depends entirely on what is being sealed, but the average lifespan of food can be increased by 3-5 times by being vacuum sealed. Freshield Storage Guide

Q: Can I only vacuum seal food?

A: Although vacuum sealers are primarily used with food, they can be used to package other retail products. Vacuum sealers are commonly used to group and bundle items together for resale and protect valuables against water damage, dirt and dust. Many people will also use vacuum sealers for space reasons. This can be to bundle material together or for packaging food during a hiking trip.

Q: Does a vacuum sealer eliminate freezer burn?

A: Vacuum sealers dramatically reduce and eliminate freezer burn. When used correctly, a vacuum sealed bag is impenetrable by the elements.

Q: Can I cook vacuum sealed food in the bag?

A: Not all vacuum bags are approved and safe to cook. However, Freshield vacuum bags are certified and printed on the bags approved they are safe to microwave, boil, fridge and freezer safe. In fact, there are many recipes out there for vacuum bag cooking. This is referred to as "Sous Vide," which translated means "under pressure." Cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag helps keep important nutrients in place and can actually improve the taste of the cooked product. Sous Vide Cooking

Q: Why is the VacMaster Chamber product more expensive in Australia compared to the USA?

We are the exclusive agent for VacMaster in Australia. The VacMaster Chamber products we supply are custom made 240V adapted Australian Standard power which the US version are with 110V. 

We also provided 12 months replacement warranty. Through our experience, we had quite a few customers who purchased VacMaster with 110V from US, by using a below AU $100 inverter, the machine blow up after 3-5 times of used. A customer had purchased a better inverter which cost him AU $600, but the machine still blow up after 3 months of used. And we do not service or repair any US 110V version (We do not have parts for 110V version), so you will have to return it back to USA by yourself.