Freshield Outdoor 12 Volt Use

The exclusive dual voltage unit is the perfect travel companion for camping, fishing, caravanning, boating and any other outdoor activity.

  • Keep food fresh for 5 times longer - ideal when camping for extended periods. 
  • Save power, no need to use portable freezer just set at fridge temperature. 
  • The only dual 12 volt/240volt outdoor machine in Australia. 
  • Caravan microwave cooking or poaching (in a billy can) of vacuum sealed food. 
  • Maximize fridge space and keep your fridge clean. 
  • Have spare meals ready to go in minutes. 
  • Reheat multiple vacuum bags at the time in the one pot. 
  • Perfect for dust protecting spare parts and keeping dry and compacting blankets and heavy clothing. 
  • Buy food and groceries in bulk and save. 
  • Reseal chips, biscuits, pasta & more. 
  • Vacuum seal last night's leftovers for weeks and stop deli products and cheese from spoiling. 
  • The vacuum sealed bags can be used for multiple purposes - water for and ice pack and even storing leftover wine! 

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