Freshield Domestic Home Use

From buying in bulk to preserving last night’s meal, Freshield domestic units will keep your food fresher for longer. These German designed and Korean manufactured units will: 

  • Keep food fresh for 5 times longer. 
  • Eliminate freezer burn
  • Microwave or simmer vacuum sealed food. 
  • Maximize fridge space and keep your fridge clean. 
  • Have spare meals ready to go in minutes. 
  • Reheat multiple vacuum bags in the one pot. 
  • Run your portable fridge on fridge only, no freezer. 
  • Perfect for spare parts and winter cloths. 
  • Buy food and groceries in bulk and save
  • Perfect for home grown fruit and vegetables
  • Keep parts & items sealed from moisture and dust
  • Reseal chips, biscuits, pasta & more
  • Vacuum seal last night's leftovers for weeks 

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Flat Shipping Rate for All Freshield Items.