Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club

Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club
Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club Freshield Advance Deal for Avida RV Club
Brand: Freshield
Product Code: FR-0308-ARC
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Price: $358.90 $249.00

Exclusive duel voltage 100v - 240v AC use in world wide power without inverter and converter!

  • Simple one touch button for manual and automatic sealing
  • Lowest power draw and weight in its class
  • Lid lock indicator and removable silicon drip tray
  • State of the art internals and electronics
  • Partial and full vacuum pressure seals
  • Vacuum pressure of -0.82± KPA
  • 3 years warranty for any manufacture defect or malfunction 

Click the picture below to watch the video from Freshield Channel. 




Since the very beginning Freshield has been driven to innovate and do things nobody else was doing.
With our new “Advance” model we continue this tradition.

  • The unit is simple and easy to operate. To start with we wanted customers to have a very straight forward and easy to use machine, so we made one button to do it all. Click the start/stop button for fully automatic sealing simplicity. Push and hold the button down for manual sealing, just release when you have enough vacuum.
  • We have also built on our easy click-lock lid system but added a light to indicate that you have done it correctly.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the power supply and electronics component in the Freshield Advance Unit has been totally redesigned making it light weight.
  • Weighing only 1.3kg, this unit is so portable that evens those with arthritis or impaired movement is able take out and store the unit away with ease.
  • This unit has an ultra-modern switch mode supply circuits, a new control board and pump so it is quieter and faster when it is in operation. 
  • The removable silicon drip tray allows fast and easy cleaning when food/liquid is spilled on the unit. 

Package included 

1x   Freshield Advance Unit 
5x   8" Pre-cut bags 
5x   11" Pre-cut bags 
1x   Bag cutter  
1x   Removable silicon drip tray
1x   240v home use power cable 
1x   User manual  


Size of the machine: 380w x 87h x 151d (mm)
Sealing bar width: 290mm
Weight of the machine: 1.31kg
Warranty: 3 year against manurfacturing faults

Input voltage  

AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

We recommend Freshield bags

5 small bags 250x300mm
5 large bags 300x400mm
Hand pump & 10 Caps 

The innovative Wizvac Plus bags are made from a 5 ply polyethylene mesh material with a diamond pattern engineered into it that allows air to be easily removed but diffuses any moisture to safe guard sealing. It provides a very effective barrier against oxygen and moisture loss, and helps eliminate freezer burn.

The Wizvac Plus materials are BPA free and are made by FDA approved food grade plastics.  The clear plastic allows you to see the condition and what food is inside the pre-cut Wizvac vacuum bags.  Safe and BPA free, you can use it in the freezer, microwave or in a pot of simmering water. Unlike most food grade bags, you can wash the Wizvac Plus resealabe bags  and reuse them multiple times.

The double zip lock seal enables effective sealing whist making access to your food inside very easy.
There is a one-way silicon valve with dust cap that enables effective vacuuming via a hand pump or vacuum sealing machine with a link hose. Simply place your food in the bag and close the double zip lock closure in both directions. Place the hand pump over the valve and begin pumping. When you have reached the desired vacuum level simply stop and put the dust cap over the valve.

These are fantastic short term solution for food storage and is very popular with short trips, skiers, backpackers, hikers or any activities whereby space and accessibility are important.  The Wizvac Plus are designed and recommended for short term food storage purpose only. The double zip-lock seal is not designed for long term solution for food storage like the hermetic heat used in the Freshield Advance and Outdoor Vacuum Sealing Unit. 


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