Roichen: Quality Kitchenware

Roichen natural ceramic cookware is the healthies, attractive and high gloss cookware you can trust. It is non-stick, easy clean and ultralight with natural stone coating. Ceramica, the eco-friendly ceramic coating is the safest to environmental hormone & harmless to human as it does not generate any toxic gas such as PFOA and PTFE in high temperature and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury are never detected while cooking. 

Superb durability, not only internal, ceramic coating also applied on external Roichen cookware to resist burnt or discoloured. The hardness surface is non-scratch and never flake off into your food. 

Far infrared ray emission. Since ceramic material is efficient in retaining heat, it cooks food from both inside and outside at the same time. Save time. Save energy usage and improve flavours of food. 

Roichen natural ceramic cookware also resists carry over tastes, bacteria and odors. Even highly acidic food will not stain your cookware surface or be absorbed into other foods. 

Transform Kitchen to a New Level with Roichen Cookware.  


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