WizVac Plus 11" (300x400mm) pack

Resealable bags using a hand pump to for vacuuming & feature twin ziplocks & double valve seals.

WizVac Plus 11" (300x400mm) pack
WizVac Plus 11" (300x400mm) pack WizVac Plus 11" (300x400mm) pack WizVac Plus 11" (300x400mm) pack
Brand: Freshield
Product Code: FR-3002
Availability: In Stock
Price: $49.90 $25.00

Contains 8 bags 11" 300x400mm. 

*Manual Hand Pump is not included, please purchase one here by this click

The innovative Wizvac Plus bags are made from a 5 ply polyethylene mesh material with a diamond pattern engineered into it that allows air to be easily removed but diffuses any moisture so safe guard sealing. It provides a very effective barrier against oxygen and moisture loss, and helps eliminate freezer burn.

They are FDA approved as food grade plastics and come with BPA free certification. Being clear allows you to easily see what food is in side and its condition.
Being food grade enables the bags to be used in the freezer, microwave or in a pot of simmering water. It also means you can wash them out and reuse them again and again.

The double ziplock seal enables effective sealing whist making access to your food inside very easy.
They have a one way silicon valve with dust cap that enables effective vacuuming via a hand pump or vacuum sealing machine with a link hose.
Simply place you food in the bag and close the double zip lock closure in both directions. Place the hand pump over the valve and begin pumping. When you have reached the desired vacuum level simply stop and put the dust cat over the valve.

These are a terrific solution for short term food storage for backpacking, hiking or anywhere that space and access are important. Please note these are not designed or recommended for long term food storage. The double ziplock valve cannot compare to the hermetic heat seal used in a vacuum sealing machine.

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